Michael Macdonald Organ Builders

Welcome to the Macdonald website, we hope that this visit to our site will prove useful to you in formulating your pipe organ plans for the future. Specialising in the conservation, restoration and re-housing of pipe organs from redundant buildings. With over one hundred instruments throughout the British Isles, under contract for regular tuning and maintenance, we are proud to offer a very personal and professional service of the highest quality.

Established in 1975 we are the oldest Scottish Organ Building company trading today. Based in Glasgow it is an honour to be continuing the traditional craftsmanship of fine organ builders such as, J & A. Mirrlees (1812-1948), J. Brook (1880-1954), Richard Smith (1888-1926), Andrew Watt & Son (1898-1968), H. Hilsdon (1911-1954) and James A. Mackenzie (1960-2014).

Over the years, apart from the joy of working on instruments large and small, we have had the real pleasure of saving numerous historic organs. Through the careful removal, restoration and re-homing, these instruments have been given a chance to continue to delight the ears for years to come. As a well established firm with over Sixty Years experience in all matters relating to pipe organs we are fully able to offer impartial and comprehensive advice on all aspects of any organ problems that could arise, and will be very pleased to assist in any way possible.