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Michael Macdonald Organ Builders


Welcome to the Macdonald website, we hope that this visit to our site will prove useful to you in formulating your pipe organ plans for the future. Specialising in the Conservation, Restoration and Re-Housing of pipe organs from redundant buildings, and with almost One Hundred instruments throughout Scotland, under contract for regular tuning and maintenance, we are proud to offer a very personal service of the highest quality.


Over the years, apart from the joy of working on instruments large and small, we have had the real pleasure of saving numerous historic organs by removing them from redundant buildings to allow careful restoration and re-housing in good homes, examples of which can be seen and heard all over Scotland. 

Pipe Organs

In the last Thirty Seven years we have saved numerous instruments from destruction, therefore preserving some of our musical heritage which would otherwise have been lost, and provided good quality pipe organs that Congregations could afford.

Barrel Organs

An ever increasing  part of our business is the restoration of barrel organs of all sizes and shapes, some of which have been almost Two Hundred years old. The absolute delight in hearing these precious instruments playing again, normally after a long period of silence is most rewarding. 


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Michael Macdonald Organ Builders

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